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Terminal Rental Offer

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Terms & Conditions

This Terms & Conditions apply to the 3 months FREE Card Terminal Rental  promotion (this “Promotion” and/or this “Offer”) herein set forth.


Whereas, Merchant desires to rent a POS terminal (the “Terminal”) from EVO Payments UK with 3 months free terminal rental, and EVO agrees to provide the Terminal to Merchant with 3 months free terminal rental.


Now therefore, set forth are the terms and conditions for this Promotion:


  1. This Promotion is made available only to new customers based in the United Kingdom, excluding Northern Ireland, that enter into a Payment Acceptance Agreement (“PAA”) and into an Equipment Rental Agreement (the “Rental Agreement”) with EVO Payments UK between April 1st and April 30th, 2024 inclusive. Applications received after April 30th, 2024 will not be eligible;
  2. The PAA must be entered into with EVO Payments UK for an initial term of no less than 18 months;
  3. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Rental Agreement, EVO Payments UK shall provide a Terminal to Merchant with free terminal rental. After the free rental period, the charges and fees set forth in the Rental Agreement shall apply;
  4. This Offer is NOT available to existing EVO Payments customers;
  5. This Offer is not open to any business sectors that are prohibited by EVO’s Credit Policy;
  6. This Offer is for POS Terminal only.
  7. This Offer does NOT apply to payment gateway and/or other products;
  8. This Offer is exclusively available for Tailor Made Pricing Plan.
  9. This Offer does NOT apply to Inclusive Ready Made bundle plans;
  10. This Offer applies only to Terminal rental fee under the Rental Agreement and Merchant will be responsible for Merchant Service Charges under the PAA;
  11. No cash equivalent is available;
  12. This Offer CANNOT be used in conjunction with any other EVO Payments promotional offer;
  13. EVO Payments UK reserves the right to modify or terminate this Offer and the Terms and Conditions herein defined at any time without prior notice;
  14. All information provided by Merchant to EVO Payments UK must be accurate and up to date;
  15. EVO Payments UK reserves the right to reject any application in its sole discretion and EVO’s decision shall be final and no dispute will be entered into;


Data Privacy


EVO Payments UK takes the protection of personal data and your privacy very seriously. For the purposes of this Offer and for the execution of acquiring services according to the PAA and Terminal Rental Agreement we may process your personal data and we will do so in compliance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and any other local applicable laws. For more information on how we will process your data, please refer to our Privacy Notice available at https://evopayments.co.uk/privacy/.

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