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Accept payments through your website with our payment gateway solutions

Payment Gateway

Our Payment Gateway is the perfect online payment solution for businesses that want to accept payments through their online e-commerce store, smarter, faster and easier. With enhanced reporting and security our gateway is helping UK businesses to grow their online presence and create powerful online stores.

Why Choose Our Payment Gateway?

Compatible with over 50 carts and modules

Our payment gateway supports all major shopping cart modules for website integrations.

Fully customisable

We have integration options to suit, from standard pages to fully customisable options, allowing you to completely define and control the look and feel of your payment page

24/7 Support

With 24/7 support available our team are ready to help you every step of the way

Mobile wallet payments

Our payment gateway supports Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile wallet payment acceptance.

Easy to use management system

Manage and review all transactions in real time in our online portal.

Safe & secure transactions

Fraud screening ensures you and your customers are protected.

Developer Support

Find everything you will need within our Developer Hub

Safety & Security

3D Secure

With 3D Secure (3DS) the cardholder is asked for an additional password when paying online to ensure it is the cardholder.


This ensures the customer’s billing address is correct. They’ll also need to enter their 3-digit CVV code on the back of their card.

PCI Compliant

We are classified as a Level 1 PCI Service Provider. Whether taking payments by phone, web or mobile, you can be sure of meeting all PCI requirements.

SSL Certified

A secure connection is used which ensures your customer details are protected when buying online.

Why Choose EVO Payments?

Transparent Pricing

Our ready made plans make card payment acceptance predictable

Great Value

You can make considerable cost savings by signing up to EVO Payments

Exceptional Service

With 24/7 customer service we will be here to help you every step of the way

Simple Switchover

Request a call back today to find out how simple it is to get set up

MPE 'Best Acquirer' 2020

EVO Payments was announced as the Winner of the “Best Acquirer of the Year Award“.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a virtual equivalent of a physical card terminal that provides a secure environment for the processing of credit and debit card transactions, allowing your customers to pay for goods or services securely.

How does a payment gateway work?

  1. Customer or cardholder makes their purchase.
  2. The merchant or online store the card payment.
  3.  The payment gateway keeps the card data secure whilst the transaction is submitted.
  4. The encrypted data is sent via the payment gateway to the acquiring bank.
  5. The acquirer contacts the cardholders bank / card issuer for authorisation.

Can any business use a payment gateway?

Any business with a website can use our payment gateway to take payments online subject to application approval.

For businesses that do not have a website we also offer a Pay by Link solution and a Virtual Terminal that allows you to take payments over the phone.

Which shopping cart plugins can I use?

Our payment gateway is compatible with over 50 shopping cart modules.

How can I get a payment gateway?

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. You can fill in our web form or call 0121 516 3100.

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