Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions: Everything you need to know

Not all payment solutions are the same. Understanding which payment solution is the best one for your online or offline retail business is essential to keeping your customers happy. No one wants to wait longer than necessary to pay. Not everyone wants to carry cash either. And if your customers are shopping in your ecommerce store, they want to be assured of their data’s safety and security. Our posts below will help you discover which payment solution is ideal for your business – and your customers.

chip and pin machine

Implementing a chip and PIN machine in your business


Recent research indicates that 10 million customers in the UK would actively avoid a shop without a chip and pin machine. Read our blog explaining everything you need to know about chip and PIN machines.

card payment solutions

Finding the right card payment solution for your business


There’s a world of difference between fixed terminals, portable terminals and mobile terminals. Our blog takes a deep look at each type of card payment solution so that you can make the right decision for your store.

online payments for ecommerce stores

Online payment solutions for ecommerce stores


eCommerce is a part of everyday life and consumers love to shop online. But that doesn’t mean compromising on customer service. Discover how to offer your customers the best online experience in our latest blog.

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