Partnering with EVO Payments has helped ePOS Hybrid grow and expand their business

ePOS Hybrid provide point of sale and payment technology solutions for the hospitality sector – restaurants, cafes, takeaways and bars use the ePOS Hyrbrid platform to manage their businesses including Point of Sales software, self-checkout kiosks, online / remote ordering and integrated payments.


ePOS Hybrid collaborated with EVO Payments in January 2020 and the partnership got off to a great start in spite of the hospitality sector going through turmoil as a result of Covid-19.They are proving invaluable to the industry with their ‘order and pay at table’ platform which helps bars and restaurants comply with current social distancing guidelines.We spoke to ePOS Hybrid’s Head of Growth, Andrew Gibbon, to ask him about the impact partnering with EVO Payments has made to the business, and what the future holds. While ePOS Hybrid has relationships with other payment providers, Andrew mentioned a number of reasons why he feels EVO Payments is his main ally in winning future business.

Experience with payment providers

“We had a number of issues with other providers. Some lack the level of customer service we would expect and need from a payment partner. Their processes were quite slow, manual and laborious. It took several weeks to on-board new customers onto their payment solutions, with lots of paperwork needed. It wasn’t enjoyable or efficient. This all had a knock on effect on our sales cycles. With EVO Payments, the process is much smoother, quicker and it is even paperless now. We are now able to shorten our sales cycle and reduce our admin work. EVO Payments makes us more efficient and simplifies the payments process and on-boarding for our customers” he said.

How EVO Payments are different

Andrew laid out clearly what he looked for in building relationships with third party vendors. “It’s really important to us that our partners are fast, efficient and adaptive to market conditions and to our customer requirements. In addition to providing first class products and service.

“We have had a really strong relationship personally and commercially with EVO Payments from the word go and we were really impressed with how they managed the relationship, from the partner integration process through to commercial agreement. We feel confident that our customers will receive the very best product and the very best price possible. It’s an offering that none of our other payment providers can match,” he said.

On-boarding with ease

Andrew also spoke of the seamless on-boarding his customers experience when dealing with EVO Payments. “We’ve been on-boarding new merchants in the last few months and now we’re seeing how smooth and how quick on-boarding can be with EVO Payments which is vital for our sales cycles. The variation of products that EVO Payments bring to market is also a big draw for us across POS and eCommerce payments and even telephone payments. This is really exciting for us and a positive proof point in our relationship with EVO Payments,” he said.

Responsive customer service

We asked Andrew to describe the level of support he receives from EVO Payments and he said, “I have a really good relationship with a number of people in EVO Payments, from a dedicated account manager, who is always on hand to help and who I can call or text. I’m very confident that my account manager can investigate and find a solution to any issues that arise from on- boarding to service delivery. We continually get customer updates so we know where our customers are on their payment journeys, and alongside open and flexible communication channels, this is really important for us.”

“With so many payments providers in the market, I don’t think many of our customers are actually aware of who EVO Payments are at first. We’re happy to make that introduction and tell them about EVO Payments, give them an overview and explain the products and benefits. Most of our customers find that really appealing and are more than happy at that point to have a conversation with EVO Payments. Lack of awareness isn’t a problem once they realise EVO’s global footprint and see the USP’s EVO Payments have to offer,” he said.

Payment solutions that help win international business

When asked how EVO Payments is helping ePOS Hybrid grow as a business, Andrew was very complimentary. “EVO Payments is quite uniquely positioned to assist with our international expansion. We’re growing pretty rapidly and we’re building up market share in the UK. By 2021 we’ll be looking to move into the United States and EVO Payments is helping provide the payment solutions we need to offer in these markets. There’s a number of aspects to this. We don’t tie customers into contracts, unlike our competitors. We believe customers will stay with us regardless. EVO Payments’ competitive rates strengthen our offering as well, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship that will help us win business and grow internationally.”

United in helping overcome customer challenges

We asked Andrew if he thought EVO Payments has helped customers overcome their challenges. “For sure. I think, especially for SMEs, one of the challenges they will have at the moment is generating revenue during Covid-19 restrictions and protecting their profit margins. If you look at the takeaway business for example, many are becoming reliant on online platforms. Online food delivery platforms often charge large commissions in return for generating customer orders so business margins are getting squeezed. In partnering with EVO, we can offer them a cost effective online ordering
product, helping them increase their margins by reducing their costs as much as we can across payments and POS,” he said.

How partnering with EVO Payments helps the sales cycle

“EVO Payments have helped us reduce our sales cycle, reducing the time it takes to promote, sell and onboard a new customer. This enables us to push more numbers through our sales pipeline on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We increase our level of customer service, we’re safe in the knowledge that it’s a simple process for our customers to onboard with EVO Payments who are really customer centric. Our customers are busy enough in this current day and age where they’re struggling to keep their businesses afloat, so it’s really important to us that we provide the level of product, pricing and support we do, and that EVO Payments helps us to do this.”

Summing up ePOS Hybrid’s experience with EVO Payments

Andrew was clear in his praise for EVO Payments. “Yes, I would absolutely recommend EVO Payments. I think our experience up to now has been nothing but positive. Any issues we have are dealt with quickly and professionally. The whole onboarding process as a partner was comprehensive. They are an extremely professional company and they have an extremely competitive and comprehensive product suite. So at this moment in time, they are the best payments solution provider in the market.”

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