What is Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)?

Dynamic currency conversion is a service that allows EVO UK merchants to offer international Visa and MasterCard cardholders the option to pay in their home currencies, allowing them to see the true cost of their transactions at the time of purchase rather than when their credit card bill arrives. EVO UK offers this currency conversion service in over 30 currencies from all over the globe.

Benefits for your business


Improved customer experience

By accepting DCC you can provide your international customers with a more familiar experience as they can pay in their home currency.


Increased sales potential

Gain additional sales potential and/or increase the number of international customers.

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Earn a rebate

With EVO UK you can earn a rebate from every DCC transaction you process.

price tag

No additional charges

Adding DCC to your EVO UK terminal is completely free of charge and doesn’t carry any additional fees.

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Reduce chargebacks and disputes

With DCC there are no exchange rate surprises for your customers when they receive their statements.

How does DCC work?


There is no need for your staff to identify international credit and debit cards – Simply take the transaction as normal and the terminal will recognise if DCC is available for that specific card type. When a DCC eligible card is presented, the customer is prompted by the terminal to select whether they wish to pay in their home currency or in GB Pounds. Once the selection is made, the conversion shows on screen in the cardholder’s home currency. The card holder authorises the transaction in the normal way using Chip & PIN or swipe with signature. Once the transaction is completed, a DCC receipt will print showing the purchase in the selected currency, the conversion rate and the traveling cardholder’s home currency amount. This makes it easier for foreign visitors to reconcile purchases when paying card balances. Funds are settled to you, as normal, in GB Pounds, and your reports clearly show both currencies.

Why should a customer choose DCC?


Exchange rates apply every time an international cardholder pays in a foreign currency. EVO UK aims to provide the best exchange rate at all times. DCC makes it easier for international tourists to reconcile purchases when paying card balances, as they will see exactly how much they are paying and what the transaction will cost in their home currency before they pay. It drives confidence and comfort in the buying experience and typically increases the frequency or value of the cardholder’s spending.

How do I stay compliant?


The benefits for both cardholders and merchants in transparency of the transaction is high and, as such, both MasterCard and Visa support DCC transactions.
You must always remember that despite all the benefits of DCC for you and the customer, it must be the card holder’s choice and they are free to decline the option every time they buy with you.

Please make sure that everyone taking card payments for your business is trained on DCC and understands how to take the cardholder through the transaction.

Carrying out a sale


The terminal automatically detects eligible cards and alerts you that the transaction amount can be converted if prompted, always remember to ask the card holder if they would like to pay in their home currency.

After the card is read by the terminal the following additional steps occur:

  • Terminal prompts Acceptance of DCC
  • Ask the cardholder if they would like to pay in their home currency – benefits are:
    • Very competitive exchange rates
    • The card issuing bank should not apply any additional fees
    • The process is very transparent for the card holder and each receipt shows the amount in the local currency, the exchange rate applied and any commission / fees to the exchange rate as well as the amount in the card holders currency
  • Cardholder can choose either Yes or No
  • Depending on the card holders decision, the transaction will be processed in the card holders home currency or as a local currency